A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe

A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe

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As he seeks answers to life’s deepest questions, a pilgrim experiences seemingly chance meetings with an atheist, a social activist, Catholic monks, and others. Through his interactions with these individuals, the pilgrim distills and clarifies a universal and liberating life philosophy.

Since childhood, author Swami Kriyananda's life has been a pilgrimage, and he's well qualified to guide us on the path of inner awakening. Take up your staff and journey with him to new vistas of truth, inner joy, and freedom.

What Others Are Saying

"Life lessons and wisdom realized through a lifetime of spiritual practice, study, and service. A Pilgrimage to Guadalupe offers solutions to many of the dilemmas facing truth seekers today. Very highly recommended." 
Richard Salva, author of Walking with William of Normandy: A Paramhansa Yogananda Pilgrimage Guide

"As you, the reader, accompany the pilgrim on his journey, you will find your own mind expanding through teachings that thrill the soul." 
Joseph Bharat Cornell, author of Sharing NatureThe Sky and Earth Touched Me, and AUM: The Melody of Love