Money Magnetism (Audio Book)

Money Magnetism (Audio Book)

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How to Attract What You Need When You Need It Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters) Unlock the Hidden Secrets of True Abundance

This book can change your life by changing how you think and feel about money. Offering simple, powerful techniques for attracting material and spiritual success, Money Magnetism is a practical, easy-to-understand guide that will help you quickly realize results. With its fresh, new insights Money Magnetism goes far beyond the scope of other "money" books.

According to Swami Kriyananda, anyone can attract wealth—"there need be no limits to the flow of your abundance." Through numerous stories and examples from his own life and others', Kriyananda vividly—sometimes humorously—shows you how and why the principles of money magnetism work, and how you can immediately start applying them in your own life.

Learn how to:

  • Find true wealth
  • Magnetize opportunities
  • Be "solution oriented"
  • Focus your inner power
  • Avoid “poverty consciousness”
  • Set expansive yet attainable goals
  • Attract everything that you really want
  • Use money to promote spiritual growth

What Others Are Saying

"Clearly conveys enduring truths that go far beyond the satisfaction of material needs. These techniques will change your life materially and spiritually."

Cliff Kushler, AOL, Inc.

"Deceptive in its simplicity and brevity, this little book has the power to effect great changes in the lives of its readers. With an entirely unpretentious and sincere style that shines through every word, Kriyananda relays what wisdom he has gleaned from his own personal experience."


"Money Magnetism is well written, concise and one of those books you will find yourself returning to many times. Unlike most self-help authors, Kriyananda does not lecture—he suggests ways on how to use his ideas successfully. He presents a clear plan on how to find true wealth and attract everything you need when you need it. Use Money Magnetismwhenever you experience a few bumps in your life."

Inscriptions Magazine

"Money Magnetism is a very fine book. I thoroughly agree with it."

Richard Russell, Dow Theory Letters

"Money Magnetism will help you take charge of your life. True abundance—of both the material and spiritual kind—can be found through the wisdom of this small but powerful book."

John Ernst, Richland Financial Services

"I read Money Magnetism as part of a business course I took about five years ago and I thought honestly, 'What a horrible title for a book! Who cares this much about money!' But when I read it, I was amazed and my life was changed forever for the better."

Alli Dahlhaus