The Art of Supportive Leadership

The Art of Supportive Leadership

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A Practical Guide for People in Positions of Responsibility
Swami Kriyananda (J. Donald Walters)

A Proven Approach to Successful Leadership

Do you want to improve your leadership skills and learn how to bring out the best in your employees, co-workers, or students? Then The Art of Supportive Leadership can help you! Large and small companies of every kind—from well-established industrial corporations to sparkling new tech firms—are using this proven approach to leadership with great success. It has become equally indispensable to the non-profit organizations, schools, and military personnel who also use it.

The Art of Supportive Leadership is defining the new cutting edge of leadership training. Drawn from the author's many years of successful leadership in numerous contexts, the book gives you clear and practical techniques that quickly produce results—even if you're new to leadership, and even if you can only devote limited time to improving your skills. Each chapter ends with short, concise summaries that serve as quick reference guides when you need them.

Learn how to:

  1. Develop an inspiring vision
  2. Avoid ego games
  3. Win the loyalty of others
  4. Achieve lasting results
  5. Combine intuition with common sense
  6. Run ahead of the pack
  7. Build an effective team
  8. Find creative solutions to difficult problems

What Others Are Saying

"The Art of Supportive Leadership stands out among business books. I recommend it—it makes for good reading and a good message."

Executive Book Summaries

"The Art of Supportive Leadership is brief, hits the points, and has a lot of common sense to it. We've been casting about for something like this for a long time. We use it in our Managers Training Workshop. This book is very practical, very readable, and concise. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Kellogg Corporation

"This book is a gem! What he says can be put into practice immediately."

Human Resources Development Review

"Classic in its simplicity, yet profound in its message, The Art of Supportive Leadership is one of the best leadership books I have ever read. It teaches principles and practices that are often sorely lacking in today's workplace, yet would help any business or leader grow immensely. A must read!"

Mel Bly, former President, Warner Music Publishing

"The most depth and understanding of what a manager faces of the many management books I've read over the years. I plan to keep it on my desk as a daily reference."

Ray Narragon, Sun Microsystems

"Swami Kriyananda distills the apparent complexity of leadership theories into easily applied, commonsense principles. He writes with humorous insight and a down-to-earth practicality. He offers insights not only on becoming a better leader, but becoming a better person. An indispensable reference for anyone in a leadership role."

Marie Couch, Compaq

"In the military, leadership is both an art and a necessity. I highly recommend this book for military people, business people, and anyone who needs to work with others. It will enhance anyone's efforts to lead people successfully."

Sergeant Paul Younghaus, Fort Jackson Leader

"Sound, practical, and effective advice on leadership to use not only in our business, but in our lives. This is a book I will keep on top of my desk for daily reference."

Leslie Ghirla, 3COM Corporation

"Profound principles in leadership. Penetrating insights for current and aspiring managers alike."

Mike Sage, Stanford University Medical School.

"It gives leaders a refreshing reminder that there are other leadership styles that may not only differ from theirs, but may also be more effective. It is an extremely thought-provoking work because it gives concrete subsections on how the quality of leadership can be improved, regardless of one's particular position or capacity in life."

Michael Peter LangevinMagical Blend magazine

"[I]ts message is very current and important. This book teaches teamwork inside a business, as well as for life in general."

National Hardware Association

"The Art of Supportive Leadership is a great tool for anyone working in an educational setting. What our children need more than anything right now is clear, supportive, intuitive guidance. An essential book for teachers and administrators!"

Diane Blaser, Principal, Living Wisdom School

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