A Renunciate Order for the New Age

A Renunciate Order for the New Age

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A Breakthrough in the Evolution of Consciousness

Swami Kriyananda

"I have a soul-tingling feeling that this new Order is the watershed of a new era of spirituality on earth—perhaps difficult to see en masse during our time, but a clear demarcation from the perspective of those in the future."
—from a recent letter by Swami Kriyananda

Swami Kriyananda has been a direct disciple for over sixty years of the great yoga master, Paramhansa Yogananda. In this book, he introduces a new approach to the quest for God-realization that speaks to modern seekers. Demystifying the mystical, Kriyananda presents practical techniques, attitudes, and life directions that lead to inner freedom and joy.

Whatever your level of spiritual interest or commitment, you will find A Renunciate Order for the New Age a must-read to give you an understanding of where religion is headed in the future. It launches a new era for people everywhere who want to declare their devotion to high, spiritual ideals.

What Others Are Saying

“[The Nayaswami Order] gave me the opportunity to make a commitment that I have yearned to make formally for a long time. . . . Already I feel my life changing and my consciousness expanding.”

—Brahmacharini Pushpa

“I consider joining the new Renunciate Order to be one of the most important steps in my life. . . . The vow has brought more color, dimension, and texture to the tapestry of my spiritual efforts.”

—Brahmacharini Liladevi

“These vows can be taken by a person of any religious faith, uniting our efforts to bless and uplift every being on this planet.”

—Brahmachari Jagadeesh

“Swami Kriyananda has opened a door that I never thought would be available. . . . Since taking vows I have felt more acutely God’s grace in my life. What great blessings have come!”

—Brahmacharini Surana

“Nayaswami Kriyananda has given all of us the spiritual tools and guidance in this new Renunciate Order to transcend our little egos. I have felt a deep connection to the spiritual power, magnetism, and bliss behind this initiation.”

—Tyagini Chandi

“Since taking the Tyagi vow, I feel a sense of contentment and freedom. There is no need to worry anymore, but only to keep trying to be ever more centered in God.”

—Tyagi Aumkara

“I feel such joy that keeps me connected to the Divinity within.”

—Tyagini Gayatri

“After I took my . . . vows, . . I felt a real energy shift in my core. My heart feels open all of the time, and I accept judgment by others dispassionately as given to me by God for my spiritual growth and highest good. My only goal in life now is to please God alone.”

—Tyagini Andrea

“Since taking the . . . vow, I feel more relaxed and self-accepting, yet with a more sincere dedication to finding God and serving the Guru’s work as best as I can.”

—Tyagi Dambara

“There is an ever-new, ever-increasing inner joy that I have been able to tap into at will since that very special day. . . . I’ll never forget . . . the power and the softness during the ceremony. Just thinking about that magical, mystical moment brings tears to my eyes.”

—Tyagi Gopal

“Religion often begins young, and ends up old and grey, but this Nayaswami Order has been colorfully created by the ever-free and fresh spirit of Swami Kriyananda.”

—Tyagi Jayadev

“The renunciate vows given by Swami Kriyananda have greatly helped me re-focus on the Divine Goal. It’s like finding a new, more detailed roadmap. I have felt very spiritually encouraged by the vow, which I embrace with all my heart.”

—Tyagi Larry

“Over time I began to notice that I was more settled, joy was my frequent companion. I felt empowered to change, and became aware of a strength in the core of my being.”

—Tyagini Lisa

“During the ceremony . . . tears filled my eyes. I felt reverence and gratitude as well as the strength and conviction that living my life for God is truly the only reason I’m here on this planet.”

—Tyagini Jivani

“My experience during the ceremony was one of extraordinary lightness. I felt a blessing coming from another plane of existence and an assurance that this was right for me. I knew that God was there to help me, and that it would be no burden.”

—Nayaswami Mukti

“Since formally taking the Nayaswami vow . . . I can sincerely say that I feel changed forever, uplifted, and strengthened in my determination to live for God alone.”

—Nayaswami Savitri

“The words of the vows of the Order are imbued with spiritual power. I have found that my vow as a Nayaswami is helping me untangle my Self from the post of ego. I find that I am ever more focused on God in my heart.”

—Nayaswami Padma

“My heart is filled with joy at the vast potential for freedom in this sacred order.”

—Nayaswami Nalini

“Taking the Nayaswami vow has shone a spotlight in my consciousness upon who I really am, what my only purpose in life is: to seek God and to serve as His channel of blessing to all.”

—Nayaswami Nishkama

“This vow has a power that inspires greater devotion than I have known before. As it has strengthened my will, it has lifted my spirit as well.”

—Nayaswami Surendra

“The evening I took my vows, I felt such joy in my heart, the deepest joy I have ever experienced. I feel God’s presence guiding and uplifting me, and I know [it all] comes from God’s hand.”

—Nayaswami Tushti

“The new Renunciate Order has given energy and focus to my spiritual life and deepened my commitment to God and Guru.”

—Nayaswami Nakin

“The vows . . . brought more strength and power into my life, along with a feeling that God and Guru were closer than ever. Since the vows, I feel that same strength within me, lifting me up, encouraging me to meet all challenges that come in life.”

—Nayaswami Lalita

“The bliss that radiated from Swamiji as he initiated each person, and the deep love in his eyes for each soul who came before him, were indescribable. One felt the perfection of God’s love, and the radiance and deep spiritual vibrations that are emanating from it now are touching everyone.”

—Nayaswami Durga

“While [the vows] are uniquely personal on a day-to-day, moment-by-moment level, their power is greatly magnified by the fact that they speak to souls of any path who want to live for God Alone.”

—Nayaswami Maria

“In my mind I was not sure that I was qualified to take the Vow of Complete Renunciation, but my heart told me it was the right thing to do. . . . Soon [after taking the vow] I was awed by waves of powerful blessings flowing in all aspects of my life.”

—Nayaswami Sudarshan

“What the Nayaswami Renunciate vows mean to me is the freedom to seek the deepest relationship with God of which I am capable.”

—Nayaswami Janakidevi

“There is an amazing grace that comes with the taking of this vow.”

—Nayaswami Santoshi

“Every morning when I review the vow and dedicate myself anew to trying to bring these beautiful ideals more and more into my daily life, I feel a growing happiness and freedom.”

—Nayaswami Maitri

“I feel a much deeper devotion, and feel God’s presence in my life more deeply. I love the freedom I have felt in releasing so many . . . attachments . . . to things and the results of my actions.”

—Nayaswami Gloria

“I woke up out of a deep sleep, sat up in bed and announced . . . ‘I’m going to take . . . the Nayaswami vow!’ The whole focus of my life switched instantaneously and dramatically. My consciousness shifted. Everything around me seemed brighter and clearer.”

—Nayaswami Ruth

“Swamiji’s inspiration to start this new Order in [St. Francis’s Assisi] was so perfect. This is not a sectarian order, but a guideline that all devotees can use for understanding and deepening their own journey along the spiritual path.”

—Nayaswami Vijay

“I believe this ceremony has [the] power to transform lives.”

—Nayaswami Nivritti

“There is tremendous spiritual power in the Nayaswami Order, and people have experienced deep blessings that have completely transformed their consciousness after inwardly embracing the vows of the Order. . . . Virtually every sincere seeker who has joined the Order has reported . . . transformative changes in his life.”

—Nayaswami Bharat