Joyful Healing CD

Joyful Healing CD

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CD, 56 minutes

This music—apparently so simple, yet harmonious and full of joy—has the power to affect consciousness and deeply transform the human spirit.

Written from a state of expanded consciousness, the intention of the music is to positively affect and transform. The vibrational quality of the music—as many ancient peoples were acutely aware—has a profound effect on your energy system and can subtly alter, heal, and uplift.

More than just beautiful, this music is composed from a state of expanded consciousness to uplift the human spirit.

The magic of flute, cello, violin, and keyboard will take you deep within, helping you to experience a dynamic and revitalizing sense of peace and calmness.

All the music on Joyful Healing is part of Inner Quest Music, composed by Swami Kriyananda (Donald Walters).

Sample Tracks

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