Living Wisely, Living Well

Living Wisely, Living Well

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Learn the Art of Spiritual Living

Winner of the 2011 International Book Award for the Self-Help: Motivational Book of the Year

Want to transform your life? Tap into your highest potential? Get inspired, uplifted, and motivated?

Living Wisely, Living Well contains 366 practical ways to improve your life—a thought for each day of the year. Each saying is warm with wisdom, alive with positive expectation, and provides simple actions that bring profound results.

See life with new eyes. Discover hundreds of techniques for self-improvement. Written by the author of the bestselling Secrets series, Living Wisely, Living Well is:

  • A step-by-step guidebook for manifesting your higher Self
  • The distillation of a lifetime of wisdom
  • A call to dynamic inner growth

Take a year off from the "same old you." Read this book, put into practice what it teaches, and in a year's time you won't recognize yourself. 


What Others Are Saying


"Use this book for the next year, absorbing one entry per day, and you will find . . . a new look on life. Written by Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda and author of over 100 books, he has practiced what he teaches for more than 60 years. Although organized by the months and days of the year, the book can also be used by simply opening at random and reading a passage. . . .

"Living Wisely, Living Well is one of those books you will keep and use for years as you find it a neverending source of wisdom, inspiration, and solace.”

Krysta GibsonNew Spirit Journal