Loved and Protected (Audio Book)

Loved and Protected (Audio Book)

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Stories of Miracles and Answered Prayers
Asha Praver

If we ask God for help, will He respond?
The stories in this book answer loud and clear: “YES!”
In extraordinary and eye-opening accounts, we see the Divine Hand:
• Physically and instantaneously moving people out of harm’s way
• Healing life-threatening injuries and diseases
• Providing important guidance for life-and-death, split-second decisions
• Illuminating hearts and spirits darkened by fear or despair
. . . and so much more.
This book is for those who want a deeper, more trusting relationship with God, and who find inspiration in the experiences of others who seek also to know Him. 

What Others Are Saying

"...This is a book for all seasons of life. It can be a light read for sweet dreams before bed, a read for inspiration and for help in meditation. And it is most certainly a read for the dark times we all face; when we need to be reminded that we are never alone, to never lose faith and to hang on to God in our most crucial moments. It has felt like a precious gift.

Trish Waldon

"It was hard to put it down and go to sleep yesterday. It left my heart filled with gratitude for everything in my life.

Loved and Protected is a book to keep close by during the day so you can pick it up for inspiration and solace. Filled with short stories about how God intervened in events or how the use of prayer gave guidance, this book can help you feel loved and protected. Many of the stories are written by people who follow the path of Self-realization and the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Whether the issues relate to health, relationships, work, money, or spiritual growth, they are all represented here. It's a warm book sure to fill you with a sense of divine support.” 
New Spirit Journal