Material Success through Yoga Principles

Material Success through Yoga Principles

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Swami Kriyananda, a direct disciple of the great spiritual master and world teacher, Paramhansa Yogananda (author of the classic Autobiography of a Yogi), merges the Indian and Western “secret ingredients” for material success.

It can rightly be called as “A Lifetime of Experience in 26 Lessons“

“I have two purposes for writing these lessons. One is to help people who want to succeed materially without sacrificing their spiritual principles — indeed, for those who would like to know how to use spiritual principles as a means to achieve success! Anyone studying these lessons will find contained in them priceless advice for how to achieve true success in a new age way” – Swami Kriyananda

Throughout history people have sought the secret to drawing wealth and prosperity into their lives. Today there are many books and courses available that claim to help the reader achieve financial success. So, one may ask, “What is the difference between this book and all the many other books on material success that I could buy instead?” Most book on material success are written from the level of the material plane. And they can give you success on that level. But water cannot flow higher than its source. Swami Kriyananda teaches you how to influence the material plane from the spiritual plane. The Material Success through Yoga Principles is for those who seek both material prosperity and fulfilment on higher levels of life as well. Many people think that these goals are mutually exclusive, but in truth, it is the same laws of life that activate success no matter what the goal. In centuries past, when the culture of India was based on a balanced understanding of material and spiritual realities – the very principles taught in this book – it was the richest nation in the world. But that wealth proved an irresistible temptation to more materialistic countries and India came under foreign domination. The occupiers became wealthy, and India was impoverished. The power to control the material plane from the spiritual level began to wane, and eventually became a closely guarded secret, kept by the Masters in the Himalayas, for a future time. That time is now. It is India’s destiny to rise again, but not by wholesale adoption of materialistic ideas from the West, or by a narrow-minded return to traditions from the past. This is a new age, and ancient teachings need a new expression, an inspired combination of the best of East and West.

“The day will come,” Paramhansa Yogananda declared to thousands in India and America, “when these two countries will unite to lead the world spiritually and materially.” Material Success through Yoga Principles is one disciple’s contribution to the fulfilment of that prophecy. Swami Kriyananda is uniquely qualified to be the messenger of this new expression of timeless truths.