Mystic Harp 2 (MP3)

Mystic Harp 2 (MP3)

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The legend returns in this sequel to the bestselling album, The Mystic Harp. Derek Bell, harpist for the five-time Grammy award winning group The Chieftains, displays his unusual mastery in this critically acclaimed recording. This heart-opening mystical music will uplift your soul with twenty captivating melodies, written in the Celtic tradition by Donald Walters. A treasure for lovers of Celtic and harp music, Mystic Harp 2 is that rarity of sequels–one that is even better than the original.


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What Others Are Saying

"Derek Bell of the Grammy Award winning Celtic group The Chieftains is one of the finest Celtic harpists. His touch is that of an angel. Listening to the vibrant 'Sailing the Blue Sea', the stoic 'Brave Were the People', and the slow and stately 'To Death I'm a Stranger' enchants the imagination while revitalizing the soul."

Music Design in Review

"Mystic Harp 2 is an exquisite achievement in Bell's already long and illustrious career, a record to be truly treasured."

PJ Birosik, nationally syndicated reviewer

"Derek Bell is the finest Celtic harpist of this, and quite possibly any, generation."

Musik International

"Mystic Harp 2 is a splendid collection of twenty original songs that evoke, with unique gentility, the depth and passion of Celtic soul."

East West Magazine

"Bell's technique is unassailable; he's a truly a master of the harp...the playing on this CD is flawless and utterly lovely."

Branches Magazine

"Mystic Harp 2 works beautifully and resonates with great peace, sweetness and joy. If you like solo harp, this is a fine set."


"This CD will relax, uplift, and inspire you. Celtic melodies played on the harp–it sound like angels. I loved it!"

Christina Lord, Creations Magazine