Sadhu, Beware!

Sadhu, Beware!

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A New Approach to Renunciation
Swami Kriyananda

A Revolutionary Approach to The Spiritual Life

This book offers you insight, inspiration, and practical advice for the greatest adventure in the world: the inner journey. It is a fresh, contemporary re-imagination of the meaning and practice of renunciation. 

Crystal clear and easy to understand, this book will help you to live up to the aspirations of your heart, and realize the highest ideals of your mind. Whether you are, or would like to become, a formal renunciate or are already married with a family, this book is certain to deepen your spiritual life. 

All, as children of God, can realize their divine potential by learning how to live rightly, renouncing that which brings unhapiness and embracing their true nature: inner freedom and divine joy. 

Topics covered include:

  • How to develop humility and transcend the ego
  • The advantages and disadvantages of formal renunciation
  • How to practice bramacharya
  • Simplicity vs. poverty
  • How to deal with money
  • Obedience vs. cooperation
  • Developing right attitude
  • Attunement with your spiritual teacher
  • Much more