The Hindu Way of Awakening

The Hindu Way of Awakening

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Making sense of the plethora of Hindu divinities is an intimidating task for modern Indians as well as Westerners. Swami Kriyananda brings order to Hinduism’s vast array of symbols and imagery, drawing forth the underlying teachings from which they arise, truths inherent in all religions.

Swamiji explains that the basic purpose of Hindu iconography is gaining direct inner experience with God. By showing the transcendent unity of all religions, this perspective promotes genuine tolerance and appreciation of religious diversity.

Swami Kriyananda’s inspired, entertaining, energetic writing style makes this book delightful reading for anyone interested in spirituality and the deeper meanings of religion.

What Others Are Saying

"Swami Kriyananda's inspired, entertaining, energetic writing style makes this book delightful reading for Hindus and non-Hindus alike. He brings order to the seeming chaos of the vast symbols and imagery one encounters in Hinduism and brings forth the underlying teachings from which these symbols arise. . . . Kriyananda does a superb job not only in deepening our understanding and appreciation of the Hindu religion, but of encouraging us to expand our awareness to include an appreciation of truth in all religions."

Yoga International

"In a scholarly and thorough manner, Kriyananda explores the true meaning of self-discovery through the various ways of Hindu religions. He places the Hindu way not only in history within the contexts of the psychology and spirituality of symbol, but also directly demonstrates how it participates in the revelation of the ultimate human destiny."

The New Times

"The Hindu Way of Awakening demonstrates that Hinduism is a robust, joyful religion, amazingly in step with the most advanced thinking of modern times, in love with life, deeply human, as well as humane, delightfully aware of the individual's personal life needs. [The book] gives hope for life and for the future. It points to that essence of eternal truth that animates every great religion in the world, and amply demonstrates the necessity for all men and women of good will to interact together with a mutual respect for the sake of their own personal well-being and for the benefit of future generations."

Midwest Book Review

"The book provides an understanding of Hinduism as the inner Way that all souls tread, characterized by profound wisdom and devotion, and with a genuine toleration and appreciation of religious diversity that is so much needed in our world."

Light of Consciousness magazine