Windows on the World (MP3)

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The songs in this album are global in scope: inspirations the composer felt while living in, or visiting, nine different countries: Scotland, Romania, Ireland, England, Italy, Israel, India, The United States of America, and Egypt. "The world is one," he writes, "though the languages and characteristics of its peoples vary widely. The common thread in these songs is the fact that it was I who 'filtered' those inspirations. It would be misleading to say that I wrote them. I merely asked for the words and music, and then listened. This album is a selection of what I heard."

Of this album he also writes, "Some of these songs are cheerful, some of them very serious, and some of them were born of deep pain. All were born of a lifetime of doing my best to love God worthily, to serve Him, and to bring to other people whatever inspiration I felt in that love and service."

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"These 22 heart-opening tunes possess such innocence and joy that they'll uplift your spirit while bringing a smile to your face....Kriyananda's simple ballads are as warm and humbly sincere as his singing voice, espousing the timeless values such as kindness, charity, and hope...the most outstanding quality of his lyrical music is its ability to inspire."

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"Global in scope, inspired by life in nine different countries, these twenty-two songs are so beautifully sung that they become windows into the heart of humanity. His music has the power to heal and rejuvenate physically and emotionally, taking you to a higher level of consciousness and well-being."

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